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Panasonic PT-TW250U Short Throw 3LCD Multimedia Projector

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Panasonic PT-TW250U Short Throw 3LCD Multimedia Projector $739.49

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With a 0.46:1 throw ratio, the PT-TW250U Short Throw 3LCD Multimedia Projector from Panasonic is designed for classrooms and other installations where it will be placed very close to the screen, optimally less than 40". The three-LCD imaging device renders a native resolution of 1280 x 800 (WXGA) and a native aspect ratio of 16:10. Through built-in scaling the projector can also support non-native resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) for computer sources and 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps for HDTV sources. Multiple inputs allow the projector to receive video from devices ranging from document cameras, computers, DVD and Blu-ray Disc players, media players, and more. There is an HDMI port with HDMI Deep Color (30-bit) support and a VGA input that - using separately available adapters - can accept component and S-video signals as well as RGB computer signals - for component a third-party cable can be used, while for S-video specifically the ET-ADSV adapter must be used. A second VGA port can either serve as another RGB input or can be set to loop-out the signal received by the VGA input. For legacy analog video sources such as VCRs there is a dedicated composite input. There are two analog audio inputs, one on dual RCA that is paired with the composite input and one on 3.5mm mini jack for the VGA inputs. For audio output there is a 10 watt mono speaker, plus a 3.5mm mini jack output for amplified speakers or connecting to a sound system. The projector features dual USB 2.0 ports. A type A female for giving PC-less presentations from a flash drive or other USB storage device. Plus a type B female that provides an alternative way of connecting the projector to a computer - ideal where the computer lacks an available monitor output. For centralized control and maintenance there is an RS-232 port as well as an Ethernet port with PJLink support.

Short Throw Design
With a 0.46:1 throw ratio it is possible to render a 87"-wide (100"-diagonal) image with the projector mounted 40" away from the screen. By mounting at such a close distance the risk of shadow interference and potentially dazzling specular reflections is greatly reduced.

3LCD Technology
A beamsplitting prism sends red, blue, and green light through three 0.59" monochrome LCD displays to render a video image. 3LCD design features no moving parts in the imaging system, although there is still a cooling fan, and is free of the "rainbow effect" artifact sometimes perceived on color wheel-based systems.

2800 Lumen Lamp
A single lamp provides 2800 lumens of brightness in Normal mode, and is estimated to last 5000 hours (up to 8000 hours if constantly used in the lowest brightness Eco2 setting). To determine the ideal brightness level for your application, you will need to take into account the screen width, distance from the projector to the screen (throw distance), amount of ambient light near the screen, and the reflectivity (gain) of the screen surface used.

16:10 Native Aspect Ratio
This projector features a 16:10 native aspect ratio. This is considered a widescreen format, and comes very close to the 16:9 standard of HDTV. This format is ideal if you plan to show HD video, and can still be used for presentations - though in the case of PowerPoints some extra space may be leftover on the sides. The projector can show 4:3 too; however black bars (pillaring) will have to be applied, or the image will have to be stretched or cropped to fit.

USB Connectivity
This projector features two USB ports, a USB type A female and a USB type B female. From these ports you can: USB Type A Female (USB-A): Give a PC-less presentation from a FAT/FAT32-formatted USB storage device, digital camera or smartphone. Supported file extensions include: <still image> .jpg, .bmp, .png, .tif/tiff, /pdf;<video/animated> .gif, and .avi USB Type B Female (USB-B): Connect the projector to a Windows or OS X computer to display audio and video (requires driver software installation; high-frame rate video may not be supported)

Ethernet and RS-232 Controllable
An RS-232 port means the projector can be controlled from a computer running custom software or via automation systems such as Crestron. Meanwhile an Ethernet port allows it to be controlled across a local network using a Web browser or PJLink-compatible software.

Auto Input Signal Search
Automatically detects the input signal and selects the input channel based on the signal. This function lets you start a presentation without any complicated setup required.

Curved Screen Correction
In addition to keystone correction, digitally corrects for barrel or pincushion distortion when projecting onto a curved screen.

Color-Board and Blackboard Modes
Color-board and Blackboard (green) modes adjust the colors to optimize projection in rooms that don't have a screen.